Shawn Malkou


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About Shawn

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona as a Brophy and NAU graduate, Shawn Malkou started his entrepreneurship journey at the age of 14 when he began uploading videos to YouTube. Through consistency, persistence, and quality... he generated over 100,000,000 video views before the age of 18.

Fast forward to today, Shawn has built and continues to build numerous businesses that pierce the 7-figure revenue mark.

Outside of business, Shawn owns multiple commercial and residential real estate properties that he manages in his spare time and is constantly looking to build the portfolio up.


X2 Mortgage

A Modern Way to Mortgage

Officially launched in 2021, Shawn built X2 to completely change the game within the mortgage industry.

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Direction Desk

Making Your Workspace Your Favorite Space

Being founded in 2018, Shawn joined the leadership team a year later to help deliver lasting wellness, productivity, and inspiration to all work stations.

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Dish The Deal

The Agent to Agent Referral Network

In a search to bring more value to Shawn's referral partners, DishTheDeal was born in 2018. The platform serves as the only tech-focused referral platform in the industry.

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Showing Others How to Do the Same

Shawn's passion is to inspire and develop others through the use of educational media. The goal is to squeeze every ounce of knowledge Shawn's found success in… to anyone willing to listen.

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